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Thank you for holding.  Your call is extremely important to us and we apologize for the delay. Please have your account number ready so that we can better assist you. We will be with you shortly.


E-fficiency. E-asy ordering. E-ssential support. That's what you get with Online@SHI, Siemens full-service e-business website. Order custom hearing instruments and repairs quickly and easily with our e-Form. Purchase BTEs, batteries, ALDs and marketing literature with just a click of your mouse. Track your orders, check warranty status, and view past and current account activities. You can even pay online with your Visa or Mastercard via our secure connection, or simply charge it to your Siemens account. Best of all, you can do this and more anytime your schedule allows – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Online@SHI is a free service. Sign up for Online@SHI today. Ask your Siemens Sales Representative for more information.

Ordering with e-forms

The solution for those of us prone to paper cuts! Siemens e-form makes ordering custom instruments and placing repair orders convenient and easy and you receive an additional $10 off every custom hearing instrument ordered using e-form. Don’t waste time filling out paperwork – simply submit your orders online through Online@SHI. You can also access Siemens e-form through your Practice Navigator office management software. Either way, your orders will be processed more quickly, and more accurately. E-form automatically validates your selections to ensure accuracy and help prevent orders from being delayed due to incomplete information. Your time is precious. Let e-form help you make the most of it.

Click He@r

In today’s e-business economy, a website is not an option, it’s a necessity. Get connected and attract new customers with Click He@r, the customized web marketing program from Siemens. Let Siemens take the work and worry out of building a website for you with Click Hear. We do everything from design to implementation. And your website will be under your own personal web address. It doesn’t get any easier than this –  it just gets better. Find out more about developing a customized website through our Click He@r web marketing program by visiting Online@SHI or by contacting your Siemens Sales Representative.

Thank you for holding. Your call is extremely important to us and we apologize for the delay. Please have your account number ready so that we can better assist you. We will be with you shortly.


Have you checked your mail lately for this month’s Spotlight? Look inside for lots of easy ways to save money on all of the great Siemens products you're already buying. Check out the special promotions on hearing instruments, ALDs, batteries, and more. If you’re not receiving the free monthly Spotlight, ask your Siemens Sales Representative for more information.

Tip of the week

Improve your fittings and grow your business with Tip of the Week from Siemens. One simple tip can make a world of difference. Learn about the latest technologies available. Discover easier ways to program and fit hearing instruments. Find out about troubleshooting feedback, occlusion, and more. A free special service for Siemens Hearing Care Professionals, Tip of the Week is designed to help you streamline productivity and increase sales. It’s so easy to get started that there’s simply no reason to wait. Start receiving your free Tip of the Week via email by signing up at Online@SHI or call your Siemens Sales Representative today.

Practice Navigator

Are you frustrated with managing all of your daily office activities? Are you tired of all the double and even triple data entries between your office database, NOAH, and your fitting measurement modules? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to check out Siemens practice management software, Practice Navigator Professional Edition. It’ll help you improve productivity and streamline all your daily tasks such as maintaining patient records, managing inventory, scheduling patient & staff activities, running productivity & business reports, and managing your finances. It provides tools to develop and track marketing activities and campaigns. Are you prepared to comply with all of the HIPPA regulations? Practice Navigator will allow you to keep patient contact records and transmit electronic data to help allow you to comply with new HIPAA regulations. Do all of this and more with Practice Navigator Professional Edition – your solution to improve productivity and achieve new levels of profitability. Ask your Siemens Sales Representative about Practice Navigator today and navigate your way to a more efficient practice.

Thank you for holding. Your call is extremely important to us and we apologize for the delay. Please have your account number ready so that we can better assist you. We will be with you shortly.


Hearing comfort. Automatic comfort. Fitting comfort. It’s all here in TRIANO. With adaptive and automatic directionality, TRIANO increases speech understanding in noisy environments. TRIANO intuitively transitions between directional and omni-directional modes smoothly without creating noise. TRIANO provides Automatic comfort for your patients through its’ exclusive Speech Comfort System – which works in one automatic program. There’s no need for patients to switch programs since TRIANO detects each listening situation and automatically applies appropriate modifications for that environment in real-time. And, even with all of its advanced capabilities, TRIANO still gives you a “fearless fit” with easy programming through CONNEXX programming software. TRIANO is the hearing comfort system.

National Lead Program

Have you seen our consumer-tested TRIANO advertising campaign – “I hate hearing aids but I wear my TRIANO all day long?”  Siemens successful national referral generation program continues to grow strong. Ads will be appearing this Spring in national publications such as Reader’s Digest, Remedy, Medizine and more. The best part about it… Siemens ads bring qualified leads to you. Make sure you qualify to participate in this exciting program. Talk to a Siemens Sales Representative for full details.


Are your patients experiencing the benefits of LASR, our exciting new process for manufacturing hearing instrument shells? We’ve developed LASR so your patients can experience more comfortably fitting custom hearing instruments. The concept behind LASR is total automation of the shell-manufacturing process. Utilizing state-of the art software, combined with precision laser scanning and manufacturing technology, LASR increases the accuracy of impression-duplication and results in better fitting hearing instruments. LASR-made shells are now standard for CIC, mini-canal, canal and half-shell hearing instruments ordered from all Siemens facilities at no additional charge. 

Thank you for holding. Your call is extremely important to us and we apologize for the delay. Please have your account number ready so that we can better assist you. We will be with you shortly.  

Are you using the latest version of CONNEXX hearing instrument software? Check to make sure that your version of CONEXX is current so that you have access to all the latest features available with all Siemens programmable hearing instruments. If you’re not sure you have the latest version, contact your Siemens Sales Representative. They can easily verify this for you.

Micro CICs

We are proud to announce that the most sophisticated technologies in the world are now available in the world's smallest package. Micro CICs are standard on all Siemens CIC orders of TRIANO, SIGNIA Select, PRISMA 2, MUSIC Digital, PHOENIX Pro, MUSIC, and INFINITI 3 hearing instruments. The new Micro CIC from Siemens -- incredibly small and versatile.

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