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October 09, 2015

The Power of an Image for Online Content

As well written as your article may be and as much as you need to…
October 06, 2015

Social Media: Calendars vs. Improv Postings

When it comes to social media there are those who post spontaneously and there are…
September 27, 2015

What's Right when Writing - How to Write Online Copy

In school they teach us grammar and proper English as a lesson and you're penalized…
September 19, 2015

Web Design vs. Print Design

Web design may seem like a simple thing to tackle, especially for an experienced print…
May 13, 2015

Social Media

Many small businesses quickly become discouraged after putting up a business page, sending out "Like"…

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A highly experienced marketing communications management professional with a unique blend of business and creative vision strengthened by a consistent record of achievement in navigating projects through to successful completion. Expertise encompasses direction of processes and resources involving strategic digital & traditional marketing, conceptualization, branding, planning, organization, communications, resources, budgeting, and the delivery of a broad range of sales & promotional material effective in elevating organizational and product images toward improved market share and increased sales volume.

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