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After buying expensive hearing aids from two different manufacturers and spending too much time in my audiologist's office, I was left feeling frustrated and unable to hear. Recently, my friend Bill told me about America Hears. Bill couldn't say enough about the courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed customer service America Hears provides. He received a top-of-the-line digital hearing aid at a fraction of the cost I had spent. "How was this possible?" I said. Bill explained that America Hears is the manufacturer so there's no markup. Best of all, America Hears provides a complete, sixty day, one hundred percent, money back guarantee. So much, for those expensive competitors' devices. A few days later, I had my new America Hears hearing aids and, for the first time in years, could hear family and friends' voices crystal clear.

Hear what America is saying about America Hears. For more information, visit America, or call 1 (800) 492-4515 today to receive a free, no obligation information kit. America Hears, Inc. leading online hearing solutions.

Additional Information

Client: America Hears

Link: Visit their website

Industry: Medical Devices/Audiology

Use: Radio Advertising

Target Audience: Consumers/General Public

Agency: Developed Internally