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DoughMain Education Foundation. Financial Education for Students. Financial Responsibility for Life.

At DoughMain Education Foundation our goal is to build financial literacy in students and prepare them for a lifetime of financial responsibility through fun, multi-sensory programs delivered directly to schools and homes. Our interactive tools and games engage students while they learn. Using the DoughMain Education Foundation program, called the FIT KIT, teachers can help ensure financial independence and success for young adults. By developing effective financial literacy skills in students, we can empower young adults to take control of their lives.

While many states have recently instituted financial literacy standards to help address the growing problem, schools lack quality resources to implement those standards effectively. According to a 2014 study by JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, 95% of high school seniors and 75% of graduating college students in the United States are financially illiterate. Additionally, the Council for Economic Education discovered that less than 20% of teachers reported feeling competent to teach personal finance topics. Staggering statistics like these are exactly the reason why DoughMain Education Foundation was founded.

DoughMain Education Foundation will continue to work directly with curriculum leaders from various school districts to refine the materials and enhance the content further. Our goal is to ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for all schools including inner city, suburban, and rural environments.

The DoughMain Education Foundation FIT KIT includes videos and hands-on materials for teachers and simulates a mini-economy in which high school students collaborate with ”family” teams to make money decisions. Students “learn as they earn” in collaborative teams and apply learning to make financially sound decisions. Financial literacy content is delivered in a way that provides a platform for inquiry, allowing teachers to easily tailor learning to meet students’ needs and interests.

DoughMain Education Foundation strives to close the financial literacy gap in our country by building stronger communities -- one student, one classroom, and one school district at a time.

DoughMain Education Foundation. Financial Education for Students.   Financial Responsibility for Life.

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