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Over and over again we hear that lack of education and opportunity is at the core of situations like Ferguson and Baltimore. With so many identifying the problem, why isn’t there a real solution? Holding a job and earning money is the basis for life in this country as well as around the world. Yet 95% of high school seniors and 75% of graduating college students in the US are financially illiterate. While many states have instituted financial literacy standards to help address the growing problem, schools lack quality resources to implement those standards effectively. The Council for Economic Education discovered that less than 20% of teachers reported feeling competent to teach personal finance topics.

In order to overcome this obstacle and break the cycle, those stuck in these situations need real solutions and not just observations. DoughMain Education Foundation is that solution and was founded with a goal of building financial literacy in students and preparing them for a lifetime of financial responsibility and independence. Through fun, multi-sensory programs delivered directly to schools and homes their programs engage students while they learn. Using the DMEF program, teachers can help ensure financial freedom and success for young adults. And by developing effective financial literacy skills in students, we empower young adults to take control of their lives and their communities.

In order for DoughMain Education Foundation to reach as many communities across our nation, they depend on the generous donations of people like you — people who care enough about the future of these students and the future of our country. DoughMain Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation and recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to DoughMain Education Foundation Incorporated are 100% deductible as permitted by law.

Please help this worthy cause by making a donation, however small, and by sharing this information with your friends, families, and colleagues to help build awareness about the literacy problem happening right here at home. Together we can all help close the financial literacy gap in this country.

To find out more about DoughMain Education Foundation please watch this short video or visit their website at

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