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This custom die-cut corrugated box tested the limits of our vendor, as he had to create a round edge. Originally, we wanted to try a completely round package, but that was too cost prohibitive. This solution proved to be very successful, allowing us to incorporate the brand style right into the product launch packaging.

The left image shows the package with the top half opened. The bottom half then opened downward. Each time you opened a layer it revealed another part of the messaging across the blue circle. Inside the box was an introductory letter, product specifications, office collateral, and promotional signs with associated hardware for audiologists to sponsor the product in their office to their patients.

Additional Info

Client: Siemens Hearing Instruments

Link: Visit their website

Industry: Medical Devices/Audiology

Use: Direct Mail

Target Audience: Audioligists

Agency: Developed Internally

Photography: Custom Composite