Specializing in Digital Photography, Video Presentations, and Restoration.

Over twenty years of experience with corporate and personal projects. Top-quality results tailored to fit any budget. CreativeVideoNJ.com is the one place for all of your photo and audio/visual needs. Guaranteed satisfaction on your completed project. We're happy to provide a competitive price quote and rush service is always available.

Here's what we do:

  • Video spots for broadcast, trade shows, training events, town hall meetings, streaming on the web, or anywhere you need coverage.
  • Personal documentaries -- Let us capture a day in the life of your family. Ten years from now you'll want to remind your three, five, and seven year olds what it was like at the dinner table. We'll work with you to genuinely capture a particular aspect of your life so that you can relive it for years to come.
  • Video montages for retirements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, or any special occasion.
  • Portrait and event photography.
  • Photo retouching and restoration.
  • Media transfers and enhancements -- your memories will receive the ultimate care as we carefully and digitally transfer them to archival discs.
  • DVD authoring -- We'll work with you to organize your content into a professional, attractive, and easy-to-use tool for your employees, customers, or personal use. We specialize in creating heirloom family trees that your family will cherish for generations to come.
  • Specialty items featuring FotoFakes™ -- have your image superimposed anywhere including your favorite magazine, then output the finished artwork as a poster, invitation, shirt, etc. FotoFakes are also a great way to correct an otherwise perfect photo (remove blemishes, correct red-eye, combine two images, etc).
  • Invitations and announcements -- from affordable to classic raised ink, CreativeVideoNJ.com will expertly typeset, design, and produce exquisite invites and announcements. We'll work with you and within your budget to pick the perfect font, paper, and style to deliver your message.

CreativeVideoNJ.com is available to capture all your personal and family events on video or still photography. If you have old photos that need some TLC, let us restore them to like-new quality. We offer a great selection of gag gifts allowing you to superimpose your image or fix an otherwise perfect photo. Our video DVDs make great gifts for all of your special occasions. They're the perfect way to archive and enhance family movies and photos.

Maybe you have an anniversary coming up. Chances are your old wedding videotapes haven't been viewed in years simply because it's inconvenient. Transfer them to DVD and make them ultra-convenient to enjoy and share. Blend your video footage with still photos to tell a complete story. Surprise that special someone with a unique, personal, and memorable gift.

DVD transfers mean no fast-forwarding and no need to connect outdated devices. Simply pop the disc into any computer or DVD player and enjoy your memories once again. Additionally, if your memories are recorded on anything other than DVD, you risk losing them -- magnetic media simply doesn't last forever. DVDs are archival and much more reliable than all other mediums.

Our transfer process guarantees the best conversion possible. Colors will remain vibrant and audio will be crystal clear*. We also offer a variety of correction and enhancement processes that will make your memories look better than ever. DVD enhanced menus make locating precious memories quick and easy.

Trade shows, webcasts, training events, town hall meetings, streaming video, retirements, and milestones. We have over twenty years of experience creating corporate communication presentations for broadcast, live events, and web. We're also available to shoot original photos or video footage at your next event.

CreativeVideoNJ.com can provide creative development for your next project including concepts, scripting, and production. We can provide you with high definition, broadcast ready files or flash movie files for streaming on the web.

Call today for a free price quote or to get started.

* In some cases, clarity of image and audio transfers is limited by the quality of the original recording. For severely damaged footage, some correction processes may be available.