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Massive Directory Site with Social Media Tools

The site is not just another directory site, its area of focus is regional – New Jersey. An advanced search engine allows users to quickly locate business and event listings. Searches can be done by type, services, zip code, town, etc. Each listing includes a location map with an easy-to-use directions function just like the one seen on Google Maps. New listings can be added by users once they register on the site. Registration can be done manually or using the quick social media sign-up functionality. The site itself has its own social media network where users can connect, share, and communicate. Existing listings can be claimed by a user so the user can then monitor all activity on their business.


mht mobileMobile Ready and Ready to Rank

The mobile-ready version of the site is fully responsive and adapts to mobile devices. Google recently implemented rules that now negatively impact sites that aren't mobile ready, so it's important for a site like this to be mobile ready in order to remain competitive.

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Link: Visit their website

Industry: Directory & News Site

Target Audience: Consumers/General Public